All Day Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

About Us

At Moravia we ‘love’ food and take pride each day as we undertake our ritual to produce fresh Italian inspired product for your enjoyment. For instance we prepare from scratch and bake bread fresh each morning to include Olive Ciabatta, Wholemeal/Multigrain Baguette, Rye Ciabatta and of course Bruschetta which is combined with interesting fillings to create something unique to Moravia. Fillings include Prosciutto, Veal, Pesto Chicken, Marinated Lamb Strips, Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Capsicum, Feta & Ricotta Cheese, Blue Cheese, Bocconcini, Portello Mushrooms, oven baked Aubergine, Pumpkin and Zucchini, and golden pure Olive oil.

At Moravia we use ‘real’ stock to prepare soups. We take the time and effort to make our own stock which is the secret to a great tasting nutritious soup avoiding the use of artificial colors and flavors.  We offer classic Italian recopies using ingredients such as Lentils, Asparagus, Berlotti Beans, Lamb Strips and Shanks, with various seasonal vegetables as they become available. Variation on old classics like pumpkin soup will include grilled chicken and asparagus resulting in an interesting and satisfying meal.

Our pastry department also bakes fresh each day.  Items include Muffins, Scones, Italian Doughnuts, large range of continetntal cakes and tarts including made-to-order special occasion cakes. We insist on using butter only in patisserie and because everything is made on-site there is no need to use stabilizers and preservatives to extend shelflife.
We bake the traditional way.

Gelati is also made fresh on-site daily with over 12 flavors offered with once again particular reference to Italy using flavors such as Zabbaglione, Strega Liquor, Zuppa Inglese and Amaretto.

So be informed and enjoy special offers as they become available.